Design of RoTech universal balancing machine sifts the shape of the most common rotor types and provides easy placement, rapid adjustment and run up with an accurate measurement. Usually for the specific rotor types, that outfit the standard range, the special balancing machines are offered .

Balancing procedure is defined due to ISO 1940-1 and the operation speed is regularly as low as possible enabling detection of specified residual unbalance for the appropriate quality grade.

RoTech paleta mašina za uravnotežavanje obuhvata:

  • Universal balancing machines
  • Mobile balancing machines
  • Special balancing machines
General description
  • pedestal : cast iron, SL25
  • adjustable measuring supports: MO1 i MO2; steel sheet
  • drive unit:
    • ACC motor/inverter – gearbox – (direct drive)
    • AC motor/inverter – (belt drive)
  • .
  • tracking of unbalance vector
    • optical encoder, direct drive
    • photo cell, belt drive
  • sensor: piezoelectric
  • balancing quality grade: G1- G6.3, ( ISO 1940-1)
  • kalibracija sistema: digitalno
  • electronics unit: RoME 2000 (PC Pentium)